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#1 in Paintless Dent Removal

Bumper Repair

At the Dent Shop, we realize that even though bumpers are put on cars to take the bangs and bumps, they still are part of the car’s beauty. We can repair all dents, tears, and gouges on bumpers by using the latest in plastic welders and bumper repairing tools and materials, keeping your entire car looking like new.

Chip Repairs

The Dent Shop, with their state-of-the-art PPG mixing system, can match color and paint codes perfectly to repair chips in the front of hoods or any chipping or maring that might occur from the impact when a dent is made.

Scratch Repair

We also have designed a technique for removing scratches without the process of touch-up or airbrushing. With the proper tools and materials, we are able to make those eye-sores just disappear.

Before & After

          Before                              After

          Before                              After

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